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         Welcome to Avanguardia

    A small (actually ultra-boutique) winery, we are    the home of non-traditional blended wines, with the  majority of our wines being proprietary blends  crafted from 2-6 different grape varieties, many of  which are Italian, and all of which are pretty much  out of the mainstream. Check out our page on Our Varieties.

         Avanguardia does not much use the more common varietals, like Cabernet, Zinfandel, or Chardonnay. Our flagship white wine, CRISTALLO, features a grape from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in Eastern Europe. Our most unique red, AMPIO, combines the UC-patented cross, Carmine, with the French Mondeuse for a taste sensation that is uniquely different. Our newest blend, TRE "T", after the three international varieties used (Teroldego, Tempranillo, and Tannat) is a wine of deep color and great substance, already recognized with Gold at the San Francisco Chronicle competition.

    Our emphasis is always on balance, with just the right amount of alcohol, acidity, tannin or oak, avoiding contemporary trends towards excess in these areas; in some ways our wines are more like Europe than California.

      Dare to be different and try us out---you won't be disappointed! You can visit us at the Winery, five miles due west of Nevada City, or at the Tasting Room at 163 Mill Street (pictured when you view our wine portfolio). 




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