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Robert Chrisman
December 16, 2021 | Robert Chrisman

Welcome to our New Winery Website

Avanguardia grows more than 20 varieties and buys several more from other regions. The mix of varieties is somewhat ecumenical, with close to a majority coming from the Italian peninsula. For each variety which we deem as a production ( as opposed to experimental) one, we have created a short monograph of its most important characteristics:

Italian Varieties            French Varieties                 Other Varieties             

Barbera                        Chenin Blanc                         Carmine ( UC Patented )  

Corvina                         Melon de Bourgogne              Flora ( UC Patented )      

Dolcetto                        Semillon                                  Rkatsiteli ( Georgian ) 

Fiano                            Tannat                                   Tempranillo ( Spain )   

Forastera                      The Two (White) Pinots  

Molinara ( See Corvina )


Orange Muscat*



Rondinella ( See Corvina )



Tocai Friulano

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